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Safe-Halo Family Version

Providing Visibility, Security and Peace of Mind

Safe-halo provides visibility and critical life saving communication beyond the boundaries of mobile phone service.

Australian Fire Emergency

Having seen, as well as been directly impacted by the devastating bushfires that inundated the east coast this summer, we know how important it is to know if loved ones are safe.

Today, we give back!

We are proud to announce that we are now offering our award winning software application Safe-halo free to all families who are impacted or have loved ones within an Australian fire zone.
Safety is everyone’s number one priority, and the Safe-halo application successfully removes the reliance on human intervention to report a user’s safety status and location.
Register today to the Safe-halo Family Portal and access the following features:


Location coordinates are stored to the device, in times of intermittent signal, and are instantly transferred to your account, as soon signal is available.

Emergency Locations

Automatically send email and SMS notifications to your emergency contacts when “I Need Help”, “Missed Check-in”, and “Watch Me” triggers are activated.

Use existing devices

Simply download the app in either Android or iOs and start to invite up to 5 family members to join your account. Safe-halo can be used on existing smart phones, tablets or personal GPS units. (Costs maybe incurred for the setup of GPS units.)

Private & Secure

Only individuals added to your account, can see your account.

Sample Video of a 180km 7 hour trip during the fires

Providing Complete Visibility of your Family Members

With critical information and duress alarms

Cheap, Simple And Effective!

Using The Tools You Have

No need to purchase any additional equipment or install new programs on your computer.

You only need a mobile phone and Internet connected computer.

Get Started

Mobile App

  • Free download
  • Intuitive interface
  • Start/stop timer reminder
  • Man-down button
  • Interval and set timers
  • Automatic alerts for no response
  • Coordinates stored locally
  • And much much more...

Web Interface

  • Full management interface
  • Real time viewing
  • Differing access levels
  • SMS, on-screen and email alerts
  • Mobile phone version
  • And much much more...

Enhance your families protection!

Free & Available Now!

Sign up for an account, then download the app to get started.

Download and Install the Companion App!

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Enhance your families protection!